Our Team

Paul Pynn  


Paul has been working in the clean energy industry for 20 years. His early work focused on wind turbine design, standards development and managing installations internationally. Since founding One Wind, Paul has been focused on growing the company into one of North America’s leading renewable energy service providers. He is also a founder renewable developers Watts Wind and Katalyst. Paul holds an Engineering Degree from Memorial University.

Grayson Swan  

VP Operations

Grayson leads the operations for One Wind across North America. A professional mechanical engineer, Grayson has been involved in construction and O&M on projects throughout Canada and the US – bringing with him a wealth of technical experience and effective but personable management skills. Prior to joining One Wind, Grayson was responsible for service supervision, resource planning and client liaison at Enercon Canada and previously worked with Nova Scotia Power as a thermal plant engineer.

Andrew Arbuckle  

Health & Safety Manager

Andrew leads One Wind’s Health & Safety program and has been with the company since 2011. Andrew has managed wind construction projects from the development phase through to operations. His hands-on experience coupled with his commitment to safety allows him to bring an effective approach to protecting the welfare of others. He holds an Environmental Engineering degree from Dalhousie University.

An Tran  

Health & Safety Coordinator

An is one of the newest members of One Wind. Prior to joining in October of 2017, he worked for a major Japanese manufacturer and as a Safety Advisor for the Halifax Harbour Bridges Project. An is extremely organized and thorough in everything he does - and has in-depth knowledge of health & safety, environmental engineering, quality and management systems.

Trent MacDonald  

Canadian Operations Manager

Trent leads the Canadian Operations Team for One Wind - based out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He oversees projects across the renewables sector – ranging from wind to EV infrastructure. His experience ranges from early stage development through to construction and operations. Trent joined One Wind in 2014 after graduating with an Engineering Degree from Dalhousie University.

Ben Emodi  

U.S Operations Manager

Ben leads the U.S. Operations Team for One Wind - based out of Austin, Texas. Ben is an Atlantic Canadian with a background in international business, who is a firm believer in Renewable Energy. Ben joined One Wind in 2014, having previously worked for a solar PV installation contractor. Ben has spent a great deal of time in the field learning, mentoring and training others. He brings a positive, hard-working mentality to One Wind's team and customers.

Anand Desai  

Project Resource and Logistics Manager

Anand is responsible for developing One Wind’s HR strategies and managing the logistics around projects. He has a balanced skill-set, having spent significant amounts of time working on wind projects and prior experience in the heavy lifting and rigging sector. This knowledge, coupled with a background in research and science, allows him to bring a real-world understanding and analytical approach to the management of One Wind’s human resources and logistics.

Sue Taylor  

Financial Controller

Sue is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada and manages One Wind’s finances. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a wide range of experience analyzing, advising and managing the financial health of organizations across both the private and public sectors. Her experience, attention to detail and communication skills continue to be invaluable as One Wind grows across North America.

Phillip Hollett  

Electrical Engineer

Phillip is an electrical engineer with over 20 years of experience ranging from wind farm construction and service to detailed electronic design. During his time with One Wind, Phillip has been integrally involved in growing and managing the O&M business unit. Philip’s hands-on wind farm operations experience, coupled with his management skills, allow him to provide strong technical and organizational support to projects. Phillip holds an Engineering Degree and Masters in Business Administration from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Marc MacDonald  

Project Manager

Marc is a licensed industrial electrician who joined One Wind in 2015. Prior to assuming his role as Project Manager – Marc was responsible for managing the service team at Nova Scotia’s largest operating wind farm. He is an extremely detail-oriented and driven individual with exceptional electrical troubleshooting abilities. Marc leads One Wind’s storage projects.

Andrew Woods  

Project Deployment & Support Specialist

Andrew Woods specializes in making things happen. Andrew has a diverse skillset ranging from construction to O&M across multiple turbine platforms. He is renown for his unflinchingly positive attitude, team building-skills and his dedication to professionalism and hard-work.

Andrew Falls  

Project Manager

Andrew has managed on-site relationships between our clients, owners, and contractors involved our major infrastructure projects for the last 4 years with One Wind. He has mentored junior/senior technicians, and strives to be a driving force for motivating employees to work efficiently, safely and manages the organization of daily, weekly and monthly events within the company. Andrew prides himself in representing the top tier standards of One Wind, our clients and to uphold the highest form of excellence, quality and safety in all of our current and upcoming renewable energy projects.

Braeden Key  

Project Manager

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